Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moped, Satellite, me and Darryl

As part of our Spring Camp 2005 we are again opening up our evening sessions for visitors.

On Friday Night (30th September) Moped will be playing http://www.bands.co.nz/band.php?bid=1071
With a message on MATES from the Youth Unit’s, Michael Treston

On Saturday night (1st October) Satellite will be playing http://www.eastercamp.org.nz/
With a message from Darryl Gardener National Director of Youth For Christ

Admission $2 start time about 7:30

Hope to see you there


Political Activist said...

Graphics too dark to see what's happening in the background, Michael. For all we know you are...out the back.
Also - nice to see you on Blog.

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