Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More on Provocative

Graham Tomlin has this great illustration of the connection between the church and the Kingdom of God. He compares it to being like a part of an immigrant community situated thousand of miles from home, kinda like East LA. 15 years ago i caught a bus through East LA and was blown away by it's expression on Mexican and Hispanic culture - it was not an exact copy of Mexico but blended and reinterpreted it's mexican origins into something new. You felt like you were in Mexico sensualy but it was moved into a very Los Angeles expression. It was not a cultural ghetto frozen in time, but nor was it the same as every suburb around it.
Is this the call to our church to inhabit our world? - not in a ghetto culture type way but a way that sensualy resembles the Kingdom of God, but at the same time is wrapped up in my local context - the place I live.... When I encounter other christians and get a 'whiff' so to speak of the Kingdom among us then I feel as though i am literaly in heaven.

Halleujah, come Lord Jesus come,
establish your immigrant culture among us.


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